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A Better Way

Our behavioral health programs serve Alameda, San Francisco, Contra Costa and Solano Counties. We serve children and youth from birth to age 21. Specializing in children who are in or at risk of entering foster care and those who were previously in foster care, we offer permanency-informed care at all points of the permanency continuum. We also operate an FFA/Adoption program, multiple peer-parent programs, and a Title IV-E training program.

David Channer, Chief Executive Officer

Warner Graham, Chief Program Officer


Abode Services

Abode Services offers programs that combine affordable housing and services to meet the unique needs of low-income, un-housed people. Housing options include emergency shelter programs, rental subsidies, transitional housing and permanent supportive housing. Support consists of street outreach through a mobile health clinic, intensive case management, primary/mental healthcare & children’s programs.

Louis Chicoine, Executive Director


Alameda Family Services

Alameda Family Services provides comprehensive support services to children, youth, and families through programs including: Head Start; school-based health centers; substance abuse treatment; domestic violence and anger management services; counseling; a clinical training program; and emergency shelter/support for homeless youth.

Katherine Schwartz, Executive Director


Alternative Family Services

Alternative Family Services provides therapeutic foster care in several different modalities to children and youth 0 to 21. AFS is a fully licensed Adoptions Agency. AFS provides mental health services to foster children and their families and therapeutic visitation services to assist foster children to become reunified with their families quickly and safely. AFS also provides Independent Living Skills training to emancipating foster youth and subsidized housing to former foster youth. Services are provided in English and Spanish.

Marsha Lewis, Executive Director


Asian Health Services

At Asian Health Services our mission is to serve and advocate for the Asian and Pacific Islander (API) community by ensuring access to health care services regardless of income, insurance status, language, or culture. As an important part of this mission, we pro-vide services in English and eleven Asian languages: Chinese (Mandarin & Cantonese), Vietnamese, Korean, Tagalog, Lao, Mien, Khmer, Karen, Mongolian, and Burmese. We offer medical, dental, and specialty mental health services for all ages.

Thu Qhach, Chief Executive Officer
Kao Saechao, Specialty Mental Health

                         Division Director


Brighter Beginnings

Brighter Beginnings believes every family matters and every child deserves to have a happy, healthy future. Our multi-cultural, bi-lingual staff of passionate and committed family-service professionals work within our closest Bay Area communities to support healthy births and successful development of children by partnering with parents and helping to build strong communities. Our ultimate goal is to help parents with limited financial, support and medical resources become self-sufficient so they can raise happy, healthy children. In return, we visualize a prospering community full of healthy and happy children who grow up to also be happy and self-sufficient parents.

Jennifer Shallat, Chief Executive Officer


Building Opportunities
for Self Sufficiency

Building Opportunities for Self-Sufficiency (BOSS) serves people who have multiple barriers to self-sufficiency including trauma, mental illness and/or cooccurring disorders. BOSS programs include outreach, mental health services, benefits eligibility, emergency shelters for individuals and families, supported independent living, employment programs, and re-entry and violence prevention initiatives to help individuals and families achieve lasting wellness and recovery._

Donald Frazier, Executive Director


Bay Area Community Services

Bay Area Community Services serves individuals living with mental health challenges related to homelessness, substance use, and aging-related health issues. Programs span the continuum of care and include crisis residential treatment, assertive community treatment, community-based case management, wellness centers, supported housing, supported employment, and prevention and early intervention services.

Jamie Almanza, Executive Director


Community Health
for Asian Americans

Community Health for Asian Americans provides culturally and linguistically competent comprehensive mental health services to the Asian Pacific Community. Programs include substance abuse treatment and prevention, family violence treatment and prevention, psychotherapy, and crisis intervention. Community Health for Asian Americans integrates mental health and primary health care

John Chung, Executive Director

Website: https:www/

Crisis Support Services
of Alameda County

Crisis Support Services works to prevent suicide and offers support during times of crisis. Programs at Crisis Support Services include a 24-hour telephone service, attempter’s group counseling, grief counseling, community education, and in-home senior mental health services.

Narges Dillon, Executive Director


East Bay Agency for Children

The mission of East Bay Agency for Children (EBAC) is to improve the well-being of children, youth, and families by reducing the impact of trauma and social inequities. EBAC programming includes School-based Mental Health, Early Childhood, Family Resources Centers, Afterschool, Youth Development and Grief and Loss.   Additionally, EBAC’s Trauma Transformed program works locally and nationally to change the way our public health systems understand, respond to, and heal from trauma.

Josh Leonard, Chief Executive Officer


East Bay Community Recovery Project - LifeLong

East Bay Community Recovery Project supports selfsufficiency and wellness of individuals and families by providing comprehensive and integrated services for mental health, substance use and related health conditions, while addressing housing and employment. Three locations offer a full range of services including residential treatment for women and children, counseling for individuals with co-occurring disorders, case management, homeless outreach and vocational services.

David Vliet, Chief Executive Officer

Marta Rose, Director of Programs and Operations


Family Paths

Family Paths, Inc. provides a number of mental health, counseling and therapy services to low income, multi-stressed individuals and families. Programs include 24-hour Family Support Resource Hotline, 24- hour Foster Parent Advice Line, CalWORKS support counseling, Positive Parenting classes, and counseling for infants, children, adolescents, adults and families

Barbra Silver, Executive Director


Felton Institute

Felton Institute provides cutting-edge mental health and social services that combine evidencebased practices with cultural sensitivity and a deep respect for our clients. Our 45 diverse programs place special emphasis on the needs of low-income families, children, the elderly and people living with disabilities. Felton has a 127- year history of successfully providing services and treatment locally, nationally and internationally

Al Gilbert, Chief Executive Officer


Filipino Advocates for Justice

The mission of Filipino Advocates for Justice (FAJ) is to build a strong and empowered Filipino community by organizing constituents, developing leaders, providing services and advocating for policies that promote social and economic justice and equity.  FAJ provides prevention and early intervention for mental health to the Filipino community, particularly youth and young adults, adult caregivers, and immigrants through peer support, preventative counseling and leadership development. Services are offered at its Oakland Chinatown and Union City locations. 

Geraldine Alcid, Executive Director

Christopher Cara, Prevention Director


Horizon Services, Inc.

Horizon Services, Inc’s mission is to reduce alcohol, drug, and co-occurring mental health-related problems for individuals, families, and communities. Alameda County recovery programs enable men, women, and youth to free themselves of their addictions and help family members understand addiction. HSI prevention programs help communities develop safe, healthier environments.

Jaime Campos, Chief Executive Officer


Hume Center

The Hume Center provides culturally sensitive and comprehensive behavioral health services of the highest quality to under- and unserved populations. The Hume Center, with a rich understanding and appreciation for the gifts of each culture, is a Community Mental Health Center that has clinics located in Concord, Pittsburg, Fremont, and Pleasanton, as well as a satellite location in Hayward.

Joty Sikand, President


Bay Area Community Resources

BACR provides school-based trauma-informed and restorative mental health services in elementary, middle, and high schools.  Mental health services include counseling, case management, trauma response, parent education, teacher consultation, and other assistance.  We provide individual, group, and family mental health services, psycho-education, school climate support, as well as consultation with school personnel and other stakeholders and collaborators. Program models and practices include different treatment approaches, such as talk, play, art, and cognitive behavioral therapies.

Jonas Mok, Chief Executive Officer

Derya Ozes, Industry Director, Behavioral Health


Bonita House

Bonita House, Inc. provides services to adults living with co-occurring psychiatric and substance use disabilities at eight sites throughout Alameda County. Services include: Residential Treatment, Outpatient, Medication Management, Case Management, Day Rehabilitative, Transitional and Permanent Supportive Housing, and Homeless Outreach Services.

Laura Weissberger, Executive Director


Fred Finch
Youth and Family Services

Founded in 1891 as an orphanage in Oakland, California, today’s Fred Finch Youth & Family Services operates over 20 programs in California including mental health, housing, education, and independent living services, providing a pathway to healing and self-sufficiency. Our 130-year history and strong track record have made Fred Finch a recognized leader in the treatment of children and families.

Tom Alexander, Chief Executive Officer


Greater New Beginnings
Youth Services, Inc.

Greater New Beginnings provides quality residential services to boys with significant emotional and behavioral problems in Alameda County.  Our mission is to promote physical, mental, and social stability by providing a continuum of individualized care that empowers youth to overcome past adversities and build better tomorrows.  Residents experience individualized, structured, and comprehensive supports collaboratively
created to meet their unique needs.  We encourage the residents to resolve symptoms, improve behavior, and develop skills to promote resiliency, independence, wellness, and good citizenship.

Len Turner, Chief Executive Officer

Kenneth Porter, Executive Director

Salina Harrigan, Head of Service

La Tanya Hawkins, Compliance Director


La Familia

La Familia Counseling Service provides: culturally proficient outpatient services for children and adults; intensive day treatment for children; child abuse prevention; family, group, and leadership development with a strong advocacy focus; and a special program serving the monolingual community for people with developmental disabilities.

Aaron Ortiz, Chief Executive Officer


La Cheim School Inc.

Since 1974, La Cheim has operated with the commitment to support youth, adults, and families to be healthy and thriving.  Today, La Cheim is a health, education, and support services nonprofit serving hundreds of clients annually, providing personalized care that is evidenced-based, culturally sensitive and responsive, and trauma-informed.  

David Hartman, Interim Chief Executive Officer


La Clinica

La Clinica offers comprehensive medical services to multilingual, multicultural populations. Services include pediatrics, adolescent medicine, family medicine, women’s health care (OB/GYN), school based health centers, mental health services, dental and vision care, and health education. The Mental Health department, Casa del Sol, provides specialty linguistic and cultural services to Alameda County’s Latino population.

Jane Garcia, Chief Executive Officer

Nancy Facher, Behavioral Health Director


Mental Health Association
of Alameda County

The Mental Health Association assists and advocates for people with mental illness and their families. Programs include Patient’s Rights Advocacy, Family Caregiver Advocacy and Support, Family Education and Resource Center (FERC), Family Partner Program, and African American Family Support Group. The Association also provides education about mental illness and advocacy for better public policy.

Kathy Davies, Executive Director


The New Bridge Foundation, Inc.

New Bridge Foundation’s mission is to provide adults and adolescents with the education, counseling, support and skills necessary to live productive and healthy lives without the use of drugs or alcohol. Services are designed to increase the clients’ self-esteem, independence and overall quality of life. All of our programs work diligently to help individuals recover. These treatment options tackle addiction to alcohol, prescription drugs, opiates, methamphetamine, cocaine, marijuana, and more. Evaluations and assessments are free of charge.

Kosta Markakis, Chief Executive Officer

Nathalie Gireaud-Ferko, Director of Administration


Options Recovery Services

Options Recovery Services is a multi-service agency specializing in Substance Use Disorder treatment. Options provides Intensive Outpatient, Outpatient, Case Management and Recovery Support Services. We have (9) Clean, sober and tobacco-free Recovery Residences in Alameda County and system-wide integrated co-occurring services embedded in Alameda County mental health programs. For 24 years, Options has prided itself on never refusing services to anyone based solely on their inability to pay for services.  Options was also the first agency to establish a Substance Use Disorder training and state certification program for incarcerated people originating in San Quentin State Prison, now called the Offender Mentor Certification Program. Options educational programs are embedded in 9 California State Prisons.

Justin Phillips, Executive Director


Peers Envisioning and Engaging in Recovery Services - PEERS

PEERS is a consumer run organization that serves individuals with lived experience of mental health challenges, their families and the community. PEERS programs include A.C. Social Inclusion Campaign: Reducing Stigma and Discrimination against people with m.h. issues, Wellness Recovery Action Planning support groups, wellness, recovery and empowerment trainings, community outreach and education, and advocacy.

Jennifer Vanaman, Executive Director



Lincoln’s mission is to disrupt the cycles of poverty and trauma, empowering families to build strong futures. Lincoln provides a range of school and community-based services to youth and families throughout Alameda and Contra Costa counties. These programs include school-based mental health, wrap-around and intensive services with systems involved youth, early childhood mental health consultation, kinship services, family resource centers, truancy prevention and intervention, therapeutic behavioral services and summer literacy programs.

Allison Becwar, Chief Executive Officer


Magnolia Women's Recovery
Programs, Inc.

Magnolia Women's Recovery Programs Inc., is a not for-profit organization committed to educating our clients, their children, family members, and others on the various illegal drugs that are destroying our community. In 2013 we successfully expanded to two locations that provide a comfortable and completely furnished residential facility for pregnant and postpartum women and women with children. Daily programs are offered to empower our women to reconnect with their lives and families.

Linda Stewart, Executive Director


Beats Rhymes and Life

Beats Rhymes and Life (BRL) is a community-based organization that grew in response to a critical need for therapeutic programs designed specifically to serve boys and young men of color who as a group demonstrate some of the greatest health and social disparities.

Rob Jackson, Executive Director


Bi-Bett Corporation

Bi-Bett provides effective and affordable human services to individuals, families and communities with alcohol and drug related problems in the belief that everyone has value and can grow through change if given one’s rightful opportunity to choose.  Our goal is to create culturally appropriate alcohol and drug-free environments in which one may experience personal and social growth

Shellee Stopera, Chief Executive Officer


The Phillips Academy
Phillips logo.webp

The Phillips Academy's mission is to provide a personalized educational experience for neurodiverse students in a supportive and therapeutic environment by addressing the needs of the whole child. We have expanded our school-based therapeutic services to include community-based clients for full scope Medi-Cal eligible youth, ages 10-21. As an EPSDT ACBH contracted provider, The Phillips Academy Clinic will be providing services to children and families on-site and in the community. 

Dr. Esther Cohen, Executive Director

Kade Papula, Clinical Director of The Phillips Academy Clinic


Roots Community Health Center

Roots Community Health Center uplifts those impacted by systemic inequities and poverty.  We accomplish this through medical and behavioral health care, health navigation, workforce enterprises, housing, outreach, and advocacy.

Noha Aboelata, M.D., Chief Executive Officer

Shanice Smith, Clinical Service Manager


Side by Side

At Side By Side we walk with young people impacted by adversity on their unique journeys to heal from trauma, restore resilience, and embrace their own potential. We see our clients for the individuals they are, and how all aspects of their life experiences have impacted their behavior, emotions, and ability to learn. We provide critical and comprehensive services that honor the young person’s unique needs and strengths to prevent the escalation of dangerous conditions and behaviors and set them on a positive path. When they feel seen for who they are today, we believe our youth can move with confidence toward a future with meaning and connection. We offer a continuum of services including housing, communitybased mental health, case management and independent living skills teaching, as well as a community center for LGBT youth.

Christine Isana Garcia, Chief Executive Officer

Jamila  McCallum, Chief Program Officer


Through the Looking Glass

Through the Looking Glass serves families that have children, parents, or grandparents with disability or medical issues.  Since its founding in 1982, TLG has blended infant mental health, child/parent and family therapy with developmental intervention, and practical disability resources, such as babycare adaptations for parents with physical or vision disabilities.  These services provide wraparound support for TLG’s own Early Head Start program and inform its mental health and developmental consultation to other early childhood education programs in the community.  TLG has an ongoing training program for psychology doctoral students, including an APA-Accredited internship program.  TLG also conducts research, primarily focused on increasing resources and improving practice with parents with disabilities and their children.

Megan Kirshbaum, Executive Director

Nahoko Nishizawa, Clinical Director


Second Chance, Inc.

Second Chance provides a range of substance use treatment and recovery to adults in Alameda County.  Services include outpatient substance use treatment, group services for those in recovery, for skill development, and for special populations.  Second Chance also provides drug-ordered treatment, interactive journaling, drug testing, and emergency housing.

John Balentine, Executive Director


Seneca Family of Agencies

Seneca Center provides in-home wrap-around services, foster family treatment, mobile crisis services, public & non-public school based mental health programs and residential services to children and families

Leticia Galyean, Chief Executive Officer

Scott Osborn, Chief Operating Officer


West Oakland Health Council

West Oakland Health Council provides primary care, health education, day rehabilitation, and social and behavioral care services to residents of Oakland and Berkeley. Mental Health services include case management, medication management and group, individual and family psychotherapy. The Council is accredited by the Joint Commission.

Robert Phillips, Chief Executive Officer


Youth Spirit Artworks

Youth Spirit Artworks started in 2007 as a response to the ​challenges faced by Alameda County’s transitional age ​youth impacted by adversity, economic and housing ​challenges.  We provide holistic engagement, intervention and ​opportunity offering transitional housing, leadership ​development utilizing Art as Therapy and by celebrating ​Youth Empowerment in community, beauty, land, history ​and freedom.

Karini Pereira-Bowersi , Executive Director


UCSF Benioff
Children's Hospital

Children’s Hospital provides assessment, treatment, and medication management for biologically and environmentally vulnerable children and youth. Programs include: the Early Intervention Services Early Childhood M.H. Program, the Center for the Vulnerable Child’s SEED, SPARK, CATS, and School-based M.H. Services, the Behavioral Pediatrics Program, Child Development Center, and Psychiatry Programs.

Seth Goldberg, Director of Behavioral Health

Luann DeVoss, Director, Vulnerable Child Program


Westcoast Children's Clinic

Westcoast Children’s Clinic provides mental health services, and supports to vulnerable children, youth and their families.The majority of our clients live in or at risk of being in foster care, due to intersections of poverty, inter-generational trauma, and the impact of systemic racism.Westcoast services are mobile, community-based and last for as long as our clients need them.We also expand our reach by research and policy aimed at understanding system impacts, and advocating for policy changes that will ensure all children are able to reach their potential.To ensure the ongoing availability of our services, we are committed to training the next generation of mental health practitioners.

Stacey Katz, Chief Executive Officer


Insight Housing

Since 1970, Insight Housing has envisioned a world where everyone has access to affordable housing and healthy food to eat. Every day, we advocate for and partner with individuals and families experiencing housing and food insecurity, because when everyone in our community has a place to call home and enough food to eat, we all benefit.  

Calleene Egan, Chief Executive Officer

Angela Upsha, Chief Operating Officer


Jewish Family
and Community Services

Jewish Family & Community Services - East Bay offers mental health and social services for children and adults, including specialized services for children 0-5, older adults, Holocaust survivors, and refugees.

Robin Mencher, Chief Executive Officer


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