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Join the Collaborative

Membership Criteria 

The Behavioral Health Collaborative of Alameda County members are 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations providing behavioral health services in Alameda County, pursuant to a contract with Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services. Collaborative agencies are committed to the highest quality, culturally sensitive behavioral health services to vulnerable children, youth, adults, and seniors.

Membership Benefits  

The Collaborative provides many benefits to the agencies who join our provider community.  We will make your agency more secure, improve your services, make your job easier, and connect you with resources, relief, and satisfaction.  Here are some of the things that we offer and testimonials from member agency executives.

"The Collaborative is such a wonderful body of thought partners, strategic thinkers – true colleagues – we are a family fighting for a healthy, thriving community where everyone living with behavioral health needs is supported."


  • We synthesize information from members and provide recommendations for the collective needs of the provider community and the specific needs of your agency.

  • We actively represent your agency with policy and practice issues, with ACBH leadership and senior staff.

  • We provide you with opportunities to partner with ACBH managers to improve service delivery.

  • Advocacy and engagement with the Board of Supervisors.

  • Assistance in interfacing with county departments, school districts, and state agencies.


"Being new to working in Alameda County I have found the partnerships and information sharing at our meetings invaluable.  Additionally, I believe we have been stronger working together during these challenging times.  I highly recommend joining The Collaborative."

Consultation and Support

  • You are a part of a community of nonprofit leaders, problem solving and sharing best practices on critical issues.

  • You can engage in the monthly General Council meetings, offering discussion with your peers, access to information and resources, and collegial support.

  • We offer a monthly Clinical Forum, focused on clinical issues and QA issues.

  • We provide HR, Finance, Legal, and DEI Forum, where resources and expertise are shared.

  • We provide a Commercial Health Insurance Committee where strategies are shared to expand service access and develop new programs.

  • You will have direct access to Collaborative leadership and immediate consultation upon request.


"The Collaborative provides support and expertise to members and we frequently engage in consultation together to bring address best practices for mental health service delivery, clinical training, people/talent management and professional development, advocacy for unique Alameda County populations.  I rely on my Collaborative partners for consultation and advisement."

Resources and Information

  • We offer workshops with guest speakers on relevant topics.

  • You will receive updates, guidance, and early alerts on county and state issues.

  • You will have access to Collaborative-created white papers and policy briefs.

  • We share information from our peer associations, on pressing issues, funding, and practice improvements.

  • You will receive literature, webinars, and resources from partner agencies and industry leaders.

"The Collaborative serves to bring community mental health providers together so that we can best strategize on serving our communities better and more fully.  We identify service gaps, access-to-care concerns, and the particular needs of vulnerable people living in Alameda County. We then advocate with Alameda County institutions to address and redress these concerns.  This type of advocacy wouldn’t be very effective coming from one individual organization, but as a collaborative we can – and do – make a difference."

Membership Cost   

  • Membership dues are calculated by the size of your ACBH contract. 

  • Dues are extremely reasonable and member get remarkable value for the cost.


"My agency rejoined the Collaborative last spring and now I can't imagine navigating all the changes of 2020 and advocating for families and staff without their support of the Collaborative.  I have truly been impressed with both the Executive Committee and Matthew Madaus' leadership, as well as the amazing support of the other member agencies."

Learn More  

If you would like to learn more about membership or meet with Collaborative staff or leadership, simply send a message on our contact page.

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