Community Partners and Resources

The Collaborative is part of a community of local, regional, and state providers, advocates, associations, and other behavioral health champions.  We mutually support the goals of the agencies on this page.

Business Partners

The Business Partner Program provides companies, entities, and individuals with access to the Collaborative’s member agencies.  The program provides Collaborative member agencies with vetted, high quality individuals and firms for business support.  There are two levels of the program - Business Partners and Priority Business Partners.

Priority Business Partners  

Priority Business Partners are exemplary organizations with a proven track record of high quality service and extraordinary impact on behavioral health.  Each Priority Business Partner has been recommended by multiple Collaborative member agencies.

Nonstop Administration
and Insurance Services, Inc.


Nonstop Administration and Insurance Services, Inc. is changing healthcare access for nonprofits through its insurance program, Nonstop Wellness, reducing your healthcare spend. Our mission: ensuring the growth and sustainability of nonprofits.


Nonstop Wellness is a health insurance program that combines the cost control of a self-funded plan with the financial safety and predictability of a fully-funded plan, decreasing annual costs of employee health insurance while reducing or eliminating copays, deductibles and coinsurance.


Nonstop is designed for employers with more than 50 employees on benefits and does not require carrier, provider, or insurance broker changes. If you have an upcoming health benefits renewal and you’d like to connect with Nonstop, simply click here to schedule a 30-minute introductory call or reach out to Lesley Brown Albright at

Business Partners  

Business Partners are organizations and individuals that provide quality services to Collaborative member agencies.

Sheppard Mullin Law Firm

SheppardMullin Logo_Large.png

Sheppard Mullin is a premier law firm with hundreds of attorneys working in offices worldwide.  They are a law firm with a moral compass, providing the Behavioral Health Collaborative with pro bono legal consultation on a wide range of concerns and issues facing nonprofit work and the behavioral health industry.